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Mattress Mart Zanesville is proud to sell the world-famous Sealy Posturepedic, Stearns & Foster, and Southerland Mattress brands. Purchasing your favorite brands from us assures you are getting mattresses that meet the highest standards in the industry. These brands deliver exceptional bedding and gives you the lasting quality you expect and deserve.

We offer mattresses to fit every budget and every kind of sleeper. Are you the sleeper that prefers the 'sleep on top feeling'? If so, the innerspring mattress might be for you. Perhaps you prefer the sleep that 'hugs you', then the memory foam mattress might be what you need. Better yet, how about the perfect balance of both the innerspring mattress and the memory foam mattress? This would be our hybrid mattresses, the perfect combination of both and exactly what you need for a good night's sleep!

Don't take our word for it, though, stop in and feel the difference a good night sleep makes!


Sealy has been proudly built in America for 130 Years, and has a mattress for every type of sleeper.  Sealy's Innerspring Mattresses is known for that "sleep-on-top" feeling.  It has the most "traditional" feel, blending exceptional full-body support with ease of movement.  Their Memory Foam Mattresses has the support that "hugs you", and conforms to your body while cradling more support than traditional innerspring mattresses. Sealy's Hybrid Mattresses offers a perfect balance of both the traditional support of innerspring with the conforming comfort of memory foam.

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Stearns & Foster

Made in America by certified craftsmen who are held to the highest industry standards, and designed to provide you with an exquisite sleep experience.  Only Stearns & Foster fuses new innovative technologies with time-honored traditions — resulting in superior quality, craftsmanship and comfort.  Nothing is as supremely comfortable as a Stearns & Foster bed, offering you that perfect “ahh” moment every time you lie down.

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For over 120 years, Southerland has been manufacturing some of the finest quality bedding available anywhere in the United States.  Their belief in Quality – Value – Service has become a force that summarizes Southerland’s past and provides the foundation for the company’s future. “We Make it Right” is the way they describe how their products, services, and relationships have endured the test of time and how Southerland will continue to separate itself from others.

The Southerland mission is simply to provide high quality sleep systems for the best value in the marketplace.

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